Chipichape – huge shopping mall

A very large shopping center a few blocks off of Avenida Sexta, Chipichape.

It has an El Coral burger joint, a few excellent barbecue places serving thick steaks (for when you tire of the thin, rubbery cuts of carne asada).

There’s a cinema showing all the latest Hollywood movies (mostly subtitled, except for children’s films which are dubbed), a casino, travel agencies, airline offices, supermarket and two branches of the excellent coffee chain Juan Valdez.

Beyond that there are a lot of stores selling electronics and expensive designer clothing, but the real attraction here is the people watching.

Grab yourself an espresso drink in the afternoon and kick back in one of the open air seating areas. This is where many pretty Caleñas go to strut their stuff.

The other name for this mall is ¨Silicon Valley¨ and it’s not because they sell computers there.


Centro Comercial Chipichape (Chipicape Mall)
Calle 38N Number 6N 35
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