LA FERIA DE CALI – Carnival in December
If you plan to come to Cali for “La Feria de Cali” carnival between Christmas and New Year (Dec 25-30), we urge you to make your reservation as soon as possible no matter where you plan to stay.

“La Feria” is a big event for the city and most accommodations will be packed. We had guests begging to sleep on our floor last year due to the amount of visitors to the city.

When that’s said we welcome you in all of December where there are many other events, both before and after La Feria.

Here are a few links about “La Feria”, so you know what you’re getting into:

FESTIVAL MUDIAL DEL SALSA – best free event for salsa lovers

Known as the capital of salsa, this annual Cali event is a great way to see the best salsa dancers in the country. Held over an entire week this festival has heaps of great free events including live performances, films and free salsa workshops. 
The elements of Cali salsa style is the strong infusion of Colombian rhythms particularly cambia and boogaloo. A major difference of Cali salsa and the other styles is the footwork which has quick rapid steps and skipping motions. 

At the festival see children, adults and groups perform their routines. Dancers are assessed for their attitude, technique, choreography and costumes. See the spangles and tassels fly because these chicas and chicos can really shake their booties!


The festival is usually held in September. For the latest programme and information see
By Karen Phelps

Learn Salsa in Cali — The Salsa Capital of the World

If you are keen on learning Salsa, Cali is the place to do it. Known as the Salsa Capital of the World, Cali has more annual World Salsa Championship winners than anywhere else.

Here’s how you can learn basic salsa in a single week’s trip including private lessons, group lessons, and the best clubs in town.

First, get a head start with private morning classes. Search for a teacher online or contact Osiris Gutierrez if you speak a bit of Spanish on 316 870 2668.

From Monday to Thursday, join a 2-hour group class at the lively dance school El Manicero. There are 2 sessions: one at 4.30 to 6.30pm and the other from 7 to 9pm. Take both classes if you’re up to it. The time flies by but your legs might ache unless you’re fit. The cost per class is 6,000 pesos (about US$3 or EUR2.5). Address for taxi: “Calle 5 con Carrera 39”.

In the evenings, two popular ‘Salsatecas’ from Thursday to Saturday are Tin Tin Deo and La Fuente. They get going at about 9.30pm and like all clubs in central Cali close at 2am.

At Tin Tin Deo ( ceiling fans keep temperatures down and neon lights illuminate the dance floor. The locals here are friendly and helpful, often coming in big groups. Be sure to mingle. You can even ask guys for help with finding a girl to dance with. (If you’re a girl, dress up. Make an effort and you’ll be invited to dance — especially if you’re chatty).

La Fuente is a tiny Salsa bar where the dancing spills out onto the street (direction for taxi: “cuarta norte entre calle 15N y 16N, diagonal al Club Colombia).

For a chance to watch the scintillating dance moves of Cali’s expert Salsa dancers, visit Las Brisas ( where you can have dinner and drinks at your table besides the dance floor. It’s 20 minutes from central Cali by taxi and well worth a visit.

For clubs open until 6am visit the upmarket and popular areas of Juanchito and Menga where you’ll find cross-over clubs playing Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Reggaeton and more. Cafe Mi Tierra in Menga is a safe bet for a relaxed vibe and lots of Salsa music.

by Gavriel Shaw


Dance Lesson at Hermandad Latino

Coming to Cali will make you want to become a better dancer. Colombians, in general, really know how to move, and seeing people when you go out to a bar or club will probably make you feel both jealous that they’re so good and inspired to learn more yourself!

There are a million different dance classes in Cali, and deciding where to go and what you want to learn can be a bit overwhelming. Hermandad Latino is one of the older dance studios in Cali.  There,
you can find classes for many of the Latin dances.

Jacqui Garcia, one of the Hermandad Latino instructors, can teach salsa, merengue, or bachata–or, she can teach you how to move to the reggaeton and hip-hop that you hear when you go dancing in Colombia.  If you can’t decide, the class can focus on a bit of everything.

I shared a 2-hour private class with a friend, and we worked on basic salsa, merengue, bachata and reggaeton.  It was really fun–Jacqui is a great teacher and she’ll slow things down for you until you understand.  She doesn’t speak a ton of English, but she’s animated enough for things to make sense. After two (2-hour) lessons, I’m not a complete expert, but I can hold my own on the dance floor!

To organize group or private classes, call Jacqui Garcia: 3113188994. Address: Transversal 29, 17C-03, Saavedra Galindo
Private lessons cost 20,000 COP/hour, but she gives discounts for groups and for people who want longer-term lessons.