Plaza de Toros – Bullfight

It is loved and it is loathed, controversial and steeped in tradition. It is the bullfight.

The bullfights in Cali are held during the end of the year and coincide with the famous Feria de Cali. For a novice to the sport I highly recommend trying to look past the senseless killing of an animal and focus on the gracefulness of the matadors as they dance with the bulls around the ring. Also, speaking with locals to learn all the nuances of the sport will greatly enhance the experience. Colombian bullfight aficionados are as passionate about the sport as others might be about football or rugby.

And if going to the bullfight don’t forget to bring your own bota. The bota is a leather sack (or plastic these days) which you fill up with your beverage of choice. Cold Manzanilla – a sweet red wine – is the traditional drink to bring. Sharing the bota with the people seated next to you is definitely a quick way to make friends at a Colombian bullfight.

Bullfights last start at either 4:00 or 7:00 PM. Ticket prices range from 27,000 to over 200,000 COP depending on how far your row is from the action and whether you sit in the sun or shade. Tickets can be bought at the stadium same day but if you want the cheapest seats make sure to buy several days in advance.


To reach the stadium take the MIO bus (1500 COP). From Santa Monica neighborhood take the P30A to Torre de Cali station and change to the T31. Get off at the aptly named Plaza de Toros bus stop.
By Jeffrey Leventhal

Parque de las Banderas/Parque Panamericana

Parque de las Banderas, also known as Parque Panamericana, is located in San Fernando in front of the football stadium– in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Cali.

For certain occasions, the park features a big-screen TV and outdoor seating for 2,000 people.  If you’re in Cali sometime during the World Cup, this is a great place to watch it.

Scream along with the crowd for whichever South American team is playing (or add your support to the other side, which is sure to be under-represented!).

This park is also close to Parque de los Perros (which gets its name from the dog statue in its center), which is surrounded by restaurants and bars.

Address: Calle 5ª e/ Carreras 34 y 36
In front of the stadium


Kayak Tours
New dates for all included river and ocean kayak tours has been announced.

One day tours:
March 13 & 27, April 24-25, May 1-2-8, 3-day tour May 15-17

3-4 day tours:
March 22 to 24
April 1 to 4

Few spaces available. Please get in touch to make reservation ASAP!

Paragliding – flying high

The mountains that surround Cali offer some amazing paragliding flying conditions. 

You can fly north of the city and get great views of the Cali and Valle de Cauca or you can go on a wilderness flight over some dense forest areas east of Cali near Hacienda “El Paraiso” famous from the love story La Maria.
Several instructors offer these different flights and flying courses.
The flights usually have a 20-30 minutes duration for approx 100.000 pesos, and most operators include picking you up and bringing you back to which ever hostel you’re staying at.

Most hostels have direct contact to different instructors, so ask at your hostel who they recommend.

BMX is hot in Cali

The city of Cali offer a couple of world class dirt tracks with huge jumps for BMX riders. The local riders are also among the best, as you can see in these couple of videos.

You should also check out – an impressive site run by some local riders from Cali. They practice several times a week, but especially the competitions make up a great day-event – worth watching.