Colombian handcraft – art and Mola shop.

Fine handcraft like gold copies of museum jewelry are among the things that can be found in a shop called Artesantes Pasandé on Avenida Sexta.
In the shop you can find many souvenirs like colorful Chiva busses and jeeps made of ceramic or wooddecorated with small coffee bags and banana stems on the roof. Miniature replicas of pre-Colombian stone sculptures discovered near to the town of San Agustin.
But most interesting is the quite big collection of MOLAS. Molas are hand stitched square cotten pieces full of bright colors geometrical figures made layer on layer.
Its the Kuna indian tribe who live on a small island in the Uraba Gulf in the Atlantic Ocean in the state of Chocò near to Panama, who are known for producing these masterpieces.
Along with a little agriculture and fishing the Indians from childhood learn to make Molas as they are used as symbols in their clothing. Women ware this piceses on their breast. Today its a recognized as an art form and because of the big foreign interest they are often referred to as tourist Molas.
Artesantes Pasandé
Avinida 6 N no. 17A- 53
By Søren Thomsen