Secret adventure capital

Cali will probably soon be discovered by the guide books and adventure seeking tourists for its many extreme sport options and fun adventures. Meanwhile we consider it as the “secret adventure capital of Colombia”, because of the amount and quality of the adventures in Cali or on a day trip from Cali. Here are some of the things you can try out:

Tours can be arranged anytime the motorcycles are available between rentals. You can also rent the motorcycles for individual exploration.


Paragliding – learn how to fly or try a tandem flight with an experienced instructor. There are several places to fly in the valley also over the city. The thermal up-draft is amazing and you’ll stay up for hours. Booking and pick-up at the hostel.



Take your adventure to the next level, and discover the gems that await you in and around Cali, 





Go-cart racing on track. Racing is big in Cali, both in go-carts, on bikes and on scooters and there are a couple of tracks to go try it out.

Horseback riding in the country side. One of the most beautiful areas to go horseback riding is near Palmira in a place called El Paraiso. Its the place of the famous love story “La Maria”.

River rafting can be arranged near Tulua 1,5 hour north of Cali.

Canopying. Try Colombias longest – 1,5 km long. Its 18 km out of town on the way to Buenaventura. And there’s a smaller Canopy near Dapa in the mountains north of Cali.

Climbing wall. There’s a big climbing wall and boulder opportunities you can try out at the Extremo shop in Parque del Perro. The shop also sell most brands in travel, camping, climbing and hiking equipment and have a huge program of hiking and rock climbing tours available.

Jungle river or ocean kayaking. 1 to 4-day tours are scheduled with pick-up at the hostel. Ask in advance for availability and departure dates. Booking can be done at the hostel.

Kite and windsurfing, jet ski rental – the only place in the world where you can kite surf all year round is at Lago Calima 1,5 hours drive from Cali. There are a couple of surf school that teaches kite surfing and wind surfing at very good rates. You can also rent jet skies and join the Colombians in their water-sport madness.

Water fun park – Parque de la Cane is a huge newly renovated water park, with mad water slides and crazy zip-lines. There’s also a big pool where they make waves, several restaurants and bars – a guaranteed nice cool off from the hot Cali sun!

Mountain biking - several tour operators have mountain bike tours planned. Booking needed, ask for available tour dates at the hostel.